Greetings, Virescence Records presents its next release in digital format, a work curated by Pvrv.

Music has all kinds of effects on the human being: it makes us happy, it saddens us, it activates us, it makes us dance, it excites us … It has accompanied the human being since its early days. In this occasion we present this great work done by an artist who interprets in two great samples the language that music has for us and the message that we each receive from it.

enjoy this beautiful work that is accompanied by a remix carefully edited by Traversable Message

Produced & mixed by Pvrv.
remix by Traversable Message
Mastered by J. David Lucio S. at G89 Records studio, Santiago de Chile
Format: digital WAV/MP3
Cover: Valentina Lema
photo: Juan Pulgarin.
Realese date: February 17th, 2020

Virescence Records 2020
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