Greetings, Virescence Records presents its next release in physical (CD) and digital formats.

this is a work dedicated to Garden Club, selected and edited by people who have been involved through the years and have closely followed the work of that mythical third world place, ‘The best little place in the world’ as it has been called, where simplicity plays a more than important role and the souls who enjoy its functions form a true connection between the public and the dj, for this reason virescence records pays a small tribute to this great place that has served as inspiration for many and has awakened a love that transcend borders.

“Music can give name to the unnameable and communicate the unknown.”
– Leonard Bernstein.

Produced & mixed by Various Artists
Mastered by Martin Goodwin at MSG mastering, Paris
Format: CD & digital
Cover: Valentina Lema
Photo: Valentina Lema
Realese date: May 18th, 2020


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